Covid-19 Special Policy

 Nobody could imagine why this virus would become like this: people have to quarantine at home, many stores and companies had to close because of lacking customers. The COVID-19 started a silent war with human but we believed that we can win it!

We will keep focusing on the latest situation and post our actions here. Thank you for your support and understanding.

During this time, we will take some actions of the operation to make sure our employees and customers to be safe. We will continue to offer the products online and make sure every product are safe for you.


We can still offer international shipping for our customers. However, all the packages were so delayed because of the great pressure of transportation. We can not guarantee the exact delivery time of the package and according to the situation, the package would delay for about 10 working days(because we have to make sure everyone and every product in the warehouse are safe and all that are being cleaned.. the order of the masks would delay for about 7 working days mostly because of the local customs check the package)

The delivery time would take a bit longer than usual but we are assured that everyone can receive the package.

If you had any questions about your order, please feel free to contact us:

Let’s face the challenge together. We need all of you to stay safe, there are still lots of beautiful things in the world and we want to share with you.